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Below are some ideas, topics, and case studies we think are worth your time.

Open Office

Following an article from The New Yorker, here are the problems of the Open Office and how TightOps’ principles can provide remedy.

Productivity Distraction Communication

Team Productivity

How do personal productivity systems relate to team productivity and TightOps? How does using TightOps help your team increase its productivity?

Productivity Process Design

The Email-to-20-Teammates Problem

In his Google Talk on Inbox Zero, Merlin Mann gets this question from the audience. His answer is pretty much in line with TightOps.

Communication Email

Coworking and Lounging

Let me try to make an argument for how lounging and coworking might belong together in an unexpected way.

Productivity Work Environments

After the Meeting

All you need to know to make your meetings count. Extracting and capturing the relevant information to take action and get things done. A life saver for every project manager.

Meetings Productivity

The Shortcut Principle

Continuously expanding, tips and insights into how we use our tools for maximum productivity and fun.


Project Management Is Not a Software

An often misconceived fact: a task manager is not going to structure your work. Its mere purpose is to provide you with a tool to do that. What matters, are processes.

Project Management Software

Become a Master at Search

Searching is superior to knowing and remebering where things are in the digital space. Make sure to master all aspects of it. Here’s your quick start.

Search Productivity

Book Review: Remote – Office Not Required

Great book and resource on the topic of remote working, managing, and hiring. Highly recommended. See some of my highlights in this article.

Remote Working Organization Hiring

Writing Well

We write more e-mails and chat messages than ever before. Being good at writing is an underrated and valuable skill.

Writing Communication

One Thing – One Word

It sounds obvious, but I see people messing this up and creating confusion time and time again. Here’s what you need to know about naming things (files).

Consistency Naming

What Do You Expect to Happen Next?

A very useful question to have in mind is “What do you expect to happen next?”. This helps you to facilitate progress in your work.


Using a Permanent Notes Document

A different way of using shared notes with Google Drive. This is how we created and use “Permanent Notes” within our team.

Google Drive Writing Editing