Project Management Is Not a Software

Project Management Software

You might be looking at project management software, or maybe computers in general, and say: “Well, that is all way too complicated.”

Yes, It’s Complicated, but …

First of all, whatever we are not familiar with, feels strange and obscure. And, regarding “too complicated”, it may well be complicated, but that is not the tool’s fault.

On the contrary, the software and methodology probably just make apparent how complex your business operations are. You might look at all the tasks in your task manager and go nuts, realizing just how much there is.

But do you really think, there has been less (to do) when it was all just in your head?

Any decent task or project management software will help you filter and display only the tasks that are relevant to you and your current planning period (sprint). Being able to zoom in and out, details vs. big picture, is mandatory.

Software Is Only Going to Help You So Much

No matter what technology you are using to keep track of tasks and coordinate your work (project management), the tool is not what makes things run smoothly.

Much like a modern word processor does not produce better writing than pen and paper or a typewriter per se.

What actually makes things run smoothly are well-designed and streamlined processes and SOPs 1 .

And TightOps is exactly that: well-designed and streamlined processes and SOPs for communication and collaboration. Get communications rolling and you have a good chance to run a smooth business on top of that.

  1. Standard Operation Procedures: documenting your workflows and how things are done in a step-by-step manner.