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Working 60+ hours?

So you wanted to work on the business, when in fact you’re working 60+ hours in the business.

Many small- to medium-sized business owners start their company on their own.

You hustle. You work hard, long hours. You run the whole show: marketing & sales, delivering the product or service, accounting, setting up your own website, handling customer support, etc.

That’s great. It is, in fact, admirable.

With a growing business, you will soon bring on help, hiring staff.

This introduces a new challenge:
Your staff are just not doing the things exactly the way you would do them; more importantly, they don’t seem to be able to do them completely and get things done.

So they bring the work back to you:
They ask a lot of questions. They do only parts of what needs to be done before you have to come in, make a decision, call the customer yourself or fill in some kind of gap.

“Duct Taping” Your Business

You may have some parts that can go on without you, but in between and often at important steps, you have to be there, make the decision, or do the work.

Imagine a map or blueprint of how your business works, all the different parts and how they are interconnected. Now in between and inside most of these parts of modules, you can see some duct tape, provisionally holding things together.

Look a bit closer. There is something written on that duct tape—it has your name on it. You are the duct tape. And if you’re not coming to work tomorrow, pretty soon things will break and not work anymore.

You have staff, but you are still in “fighting mode”, running around, putting out fires, being available 24/7, working on the weekends and late at night to catch up while you have some quiet as no one else is in the office.

This is not sustainable—and you know it.

It is perfectly understandable though. You are neither the first nor are you the only person who has accidentially constructed a situation like this.

See, you can not scale; only a system can.

It is a different game now. Everything you know has to be transferred to your staff and, more importantly, built into a reliable system.

It has to be extracted, translated, and put into solid and repeatable processes. These processes have to be built to run automatically, without the need for you to be there and "duct tape" things together.

95% of the performance of an organisation is attributable to the system (processes, technology, work design, regulations, etc.) and [only] 5% is attributable to the individual.
— Dr. Deming

Adopting TightOps will

  • reduce stress for you and your team
  • eliminate inefficiences (resources wasted)
  • build a system that works for you
  • dramatically increase execution and accountability (based on trust in the system).

Bottom line: less in, more out.

This is what we do—and guarantee.