Upgrade Your Team

Run your operations efficiently and with a sense of flow: low stress, high productivity.

Communicate → Coordinate → Collaborate

Team communication is key. We need to communicate in order to coordinate what to do, when to do it, and by whom. Functional communication leads to coordination, which in turn lets us actually work together (collaborate) and get things done in a calm and focused way.

The funnel of gettings things done starts with communication

What Is TightOps?

TightOps is a productivtiy system for teams, groups of people who are working together to solve problems and achieve a set of objectives in a creative way and within in a dynamic environment. Collaboration means working together in a coordinated manner, which is achieved about by communicating. That is a necessity for any team of skilled professionals.

TightOps then provides a communication protocol and a framework for how to optimally collaborate.

Adopting TightOps in your team or company will

  • increase efficiency and accountability
  • improve relationships and interactions
  • provide orientation and scalability based on reliable processes
  • keep you and your teammates sane

Bottom line: less in, more out.

How Does That Work?

TightOps is designed to be adopted by teams and companies. It all starts with team communication (Tight Operations Fundamentals), followed by how the team works together (Running Tight Operations).

Additionally, we assist businesses to streamline and automate processes (Business Process Automation) in order to scale, to enable working on and optimize the business blueprint, or to prepare for a sale.