Improve the way your team works, coordinates, and collaborates.

People working past each other, instead of with each other. Misunderstandings. Information overflow. A growing backlog of things to do. Urgency. Missed deadlines. … We get that.

Work does not have to be crazy! TightOps upgrades your team and company, freeing up time and attention to do the important, creative work.

TightOps Fundamentals

Fundamentals is our essential online training program for teams, providing an interactive learning experience to adopt the TightOps communication and collaboration framework with ease.

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Road to Remote

Tap into the global talent pool. Increase the attractiveness of your company and make it forward-thinking place to work. Step up the game: Get remote-ready.

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Business Process Automation

Putting your business on autopilot, based on streamlined and automated processes that work in a highly functional system. Free up your time and attention to work on your business.

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What Our Clients Say

Hear from the people working with TightOps

Andy Twomey Director of You & Co

Nico lives and breathes efficiency, and has been a tremendous resource for both myself and the staff here at You & Co to date.

It has been awesome so far working with TightOps on SaaS process automation for StoreMapper.
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Chris Kirkland CEO of Tokyo Cheapo

Nico waved his magic wand of organisation at our company and the result was a much more efficient and headache-free “Tight Operation”.

I would recommend TightOps to businesses who want to improve their internal communication and task work flows.

Questions & Answers

Who am I going to be working with?

For any consulting or training you will be working directly and personally with us, Nico and Max. With Fundamentals, our interactive online training, it is also us who built it and who will be answering your questions or support requests.

What is the best way for me or my team to sample TightOps?

The best option would be to have us run a hands-on workshop with your team. In case workshops are not an option, please contact us directly.

How can I measure the impact on my business when adopting TightOps?

Our experience shows that there are a couple of factors to focus on: We measure how your team evaluates satisfaction, productivity, being well-informed, and the quality of coordination subjectively. We use questionnaires before and after the training or intervention, and we additionally follow up after a few weeks to check the full impact.

I am interested in adopting a remote work setup at my company. Where should I start?

Send us a message and speak to us directly, free of charge. We will help you determine how to best proceed.

Does my team need any specific software or tools to use the TightOps framework?

No. We do assume that your team is using computers for some of its commuication and its work in general. Most modern digital teams will use a set of tools, communication channels, such as: email, team chat, a shared task manager, and shared documents. Details depend on your needs and setup, but using TightOps is not dependent on using specific tools or software.

Does TightOps make communication and collaboration across time zones any easier?

Yes, it does, in at least two ways: One, your team will learn to use use asynchronous communication channels more frequently and more efficiently. Two, because TightOps increases the level of coordination, there will be less need for constant contact and more autonomy to get work done. We have used TightOps ourselves to successfully coordinate and execute projects with our team and clients residing in other countries and time zones.