1.0 Working with your team on-site is a great option to customize your team’s learning and facilitate the integration of our framework. Our workshops and trainings are a perfect complement to introduce or deeply integrate our online programs.

Our in-person workshops and trainings are personally run by our founder Nico Appel and can be delivered in English or German.

Nico is also available for talks.

Nico speaking about leadership me Convention in 2017
Nico presenting on leadership at the me Convention 2017 (by Mercedes Benz & SXSW)

The Fundamentals Workshop

1.1 How do we best coordinate work as a team? What kind and quality of communication is most useful to inform and support each other, keep interruption low and produce high-quality work as a group?

Fundamentals presents the essential parts of our collaboration framework – highly practical knowledge that lets your team work together with less friction.

Specific Problems and Pain Points We Will Eliminate:

  • Chaos and confusion sabotaging our ability to do great work
  • Miscommunication
  • Information gaps, cutoffs, and silos
  • Irrelevant information
  • Too many meetings
  • Too much incoming communication

What You Will Learn:

  • The mindset and attitude to move things forwards
  • Communication skills that let you sustain a calm and productive work environment
  • How to manage huge amounts of incoming information effectively and stress-free
  • How to keep others well-informed
  • How to establish and maintain coordination in a tightly connected team
  • How to drastically reduce interruptions
  • Why great documentation is a powerful backbone to any team’s shared knowledge
  • How to name things, the right way
  • Practical and tactical knowledge to let everyone work with focus

You’ll walk away with techniques, best practices, and a toolset you can use immediately. And you will never want to go back to how your team operated before!

Who It Is For

Teams of skilled individuals working together to create solutions to complex problems in dynamic environments. That is: knowledge workers in a modern, digital workplace.

If you are not flying solo, but need to continuously coordinate your professional efforts with others in order to achieve the desired results, this workshop is for you and your team.

How to Participate

Bring the TightOps workshop to your company – invite founder Nico Appel to come give a personalized workshop just for your team.

Topics for Talks

2.0 We’d love to speak at your next event about the challenges of modern work and the solutions we develop.

Is Slack Really ‘Where Work Happens’?

Effective communication strategies for the modern workplace

2.1 Team chat applications, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, have become ubiquitous, claiming to replace email and make modern, digital work a breeze. But the demands of constant communication conflict with the way human brains function, significantly decreasing productivity and making people miserable.

Find out which practical steps you can take to solve this.

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Tapping Into the Global Talent Pool

How to hire and collaborate beyond the limits of location

2.2 The internet is driving down transaction costs for businesses to find and hire the right contractor or employee. The talent you urgently need might not live where your company is located, or they are not able/willing to relocate. Being prepared and fully capable of taping into the global talent pool, independent of location, is becoming a qualifying advantage – and might soon be the difference between thriving and failing.

Avoid the pitfalls and learn about the practical building blocks to be able to work with global talent.

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Attracting and Supporting Givers

Let your company become a home for the best workforce

2.3 Research shows that people who are “givers” (reciprocity style) can be a highly productive and supportive part of your workforce. But they are also at heightened risk of being exploited, leading to overextension and burnout. Individuals, organizations, and businesses need to take action to protect givers, allowing them to flourish and contribute meaningfully in a sustainable work environment.

Learn practical methods to establish and maintain a work environment which is considerate of everyone’s time, focus, and contribution.

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