Fundamentals is an online training program for teams, providing an interactive learning experience to adopt the TightOps collaboration framework with ease.

 The style of communication [is] brilliant, I always felt any information delivered to me was clear and concise.
– TightOps user

The Challenge of Modern Work

High-quality communication is key to coordinating our efforts in teams. We have to manage a high throughput of information. We experience an ongoing tension between being highly responsive and having uninterrupted time to focus, solve problems and produce results to move towards our objectives.

The TightOps framework solves this, and it enables teams to coordinate their work efficiently and with a sense of calm.

Collaboration: Calm and Efficient

TightOps lets your team communicate and coordinate well. The result is:

  1. We know exactly what to do (tasks), and how (documentation).
  2. We know what our teammates are working on.
  3. Dependencies between different parts of the work are defined and connections communicated.
  4. All required information to accomplish the assigned part of the work is provided and accessible.
  5. Incoming information is highly relevant, easy to process, and contextualized.
  6. Interruption is minimal. We feel in control of how we schedule our time to fit our own work mode preferences.
  7. We understand the larger vision, and how our work is contributing to it.

What Is the TightOps Team Collaboration Framework?

Practical knowledge to upgrade your team.

With close to 10 years of experience of working with and managing distributed teams, we have developed and refined the way we coordinate our work. The resulting framework is highly practical and applicable, and deeply based on asking and answering the question: “What is most useful here?”

We are making the TightOps framework available to teams of modern knowledge workers who are seeking to work efficiently and focused, without sacrificing their sanity in an “always on” work environment.

The TightOps framework is not a software program, it is an “operating system for teams”. It covers, teaches, and aligns your team on how to:

  • Communicate well
  • Keep interruptions low
  • Decrease work dependencies
  • Inform teammates effectively
  • Be responsive yet focused
  • Move things forward

… as a team.

The framework is a set of practices and approaches to the challenges of modern, digital work. It is designed to enable teams to solve complex problems in dynamically changing environments.

The framework is “tool-agnostic”. It functions and organizes your team’s work independently of the particular set of tools you are using to communicate. While your team chooses which solution of shared documents or team chat to work with, the framework clarifies the appropriate use of these communication channels in different circumstances.


We focus on people and developing their collaborative skills. Our goal is to enable the entire team to work with low stress by being well informed and coordinated.

TightOps is built from our set of values: mutual respect, honesty, consistency, time well spent, and sustainability. Ask our users to confirm:

 The work is always a pleasure to do because every process relating to it, and to communication surrounding it is systematised, so there are never any daunting or confusing elements.

 The system has allowed me to be more productive than ever before, as at every moment it has been clear how I can best use my time and all time is accounted for.