Team Productivity Upgrade

Get TightOps project managment for your team and fully leverage your time and energy to efficiently produce results for the bottom line of your business.

This program focuses on making your team better, producing more and better results in less time (and with less stress).

By combining and upgrading your team’s communication and task managment with the TightOps framework we

  • implement solid and reliable processes,
  • keep everbody and their work on track,
  • facilitate planning and delivering on time,
  • create and establish accountability,
  • make monitoring your team’s progress easy,
  • leverage your existing resources better,
  • allow your team to onboard new hires and scale with ease.

How does the Team Productivity Upgrade work?

This is a complete training and coaching program, customized to your individual needs and goals that we identify in our assesssment.

This program is delivered via live calls/conferences and video tutorials. We also provide additional resources, such as written reference guides, templates, and specific work procedures.

The program covers the TightOps team productivity framework for

  • task and project managment,
  • advanced team communication,
  • effective meetings.

You will be able to see and measure the results, guaranteed.

3 months
$3,000 per month