Task Management Track

Is this you and your team?

  • Your email inbox is your todo list.
  • Information that is relevant and important gets buried in clutter.
  • You have a hard time keeping track of who is working on what.
  • You have to actively ask about the status and progress of tasks and projects.
  • Your team sometimes misses important deadlines.

Then you will greatly benefit from setting up and moving your team to modern task management.

Get TightOps Task Management

Move from overwhelm and confusion to efficiency and clarity.

We help you achieve three outcomes:

  1. Have all tasks and projects in one place.
  2. Communicate about tasks attached to the tasks (way less email!).
  3. Keep track of status and progress as the information is easily available.

Task management is essential to establish accountability in your company and keeping work on track. A shared task management system lets everyone on the team stay up-to-date with what needs to be done, when and by whom. The business owner or project manager can easily see and monitor progress to deliver results on time.

After all, productivity is about getting things done.

How does this program work?

With TightOps Task Management we move your team to a shared task management system like Asana or Trello.

Our Process

  1. We assess your current situation and needs with you.
  2. We guide you through setting up and organizing your team’s work in the task manager.
  3. We monitor, train, and coach your team to use best practices to get the work done efficiently.
  4. We optionally
    • add time tracking,
    • provide training in basic project management practices,
    • integrate existing business processes and work producedures.
  5. We ensure you and your team are happy (see our guarantee).
2 months
$1,500 per month