TightOps Handbook

An indispensable, well structured, and easily searchable reference guide to the system.

Business Process Automation Guide

The basics of business process automation. The guide to build a system for business owners to automate and scale.


Using a calendar to schedule meetings and plan projects. Tips for effectively setting appointments and keeping your team on track.

Communication Channel Code

This is the key to knowing which channel to use for a specific kind of information transfer. A map or code to know what goes where in TightOps.


Guidelines for best use of email in team communications: specific subjects, quotations, style guide – Tight Operations for email.

General Principles

The core guiding principles of Tight Operations. A good place to start.

Instant Messaging & Chat

Use Instant Messaging (IM) and Chat in team communication with Tight Operations. Software & Apps comparison, plus best use cases.

Project Management

Project Management involves the organization and communication necessary to achieve specific results. It builds on effective communication within your team.


Screencast recordings are a perfect way to show things happening on your screen, record some commentary and share it with your team.


Taking, annotating and sharing screenshots with your team is a powerful way to communicate. Find out how to best use them in Tight Operations.

Task Manager

The task manager is an essential tool for coordinating work amongst your team. It is the basis for effective project management.

Video Conferencing

Find out how to get the most out of video conferencing with your team. Tips on software, etiquette, setup, and best practices for effective communication.