We are working at all kinds of screens (computers) most of the time. Being able to show another person exactly what you are seeing in a certain situation, eleminates the need for lengthy explanations.

 A picture is worth a thousand words.

How to Take Screenshots

There are native, built-in ways to take screenshots on all operating systems, desktop (Windows, OS X, Linux) and mobile (iOS, Android).

Find out how to take a screenshot on the system you are using here.

How to Annotate Screenshots

Keep it simple. All you need to annotate your screenshots are:

  • some arrows,
  • the occasional rectangle (or oval shapes),
  • and some text.

There are built-in as well as third-party apps that let you annotate screenshots.

On Mac OS X, Preview will cover your annotation needs in 98.7% 1 of all cases.

How to Share Screenshots

There are multiple ways to share screenshots with your teammates.

  1. Totally carried out a study and scientifically proved this with peer reviews and everything because I know you are all more convinced by specific numbers, right?