Putting your business on autopilot, so you can work on the business, not in the business.

That’s the dream, isn’t it? But, in fact, we can get there, or very close to it. Also, “autopilot” appears to lay it on thick. The truth is, however, that any business that is meant to grow, has no choice but to scale, or be scaled by the people runnning it. This inevitably has to be based on solid systems and processes. You have to put your magic into a reliably repeatable format.

Eric Schmidt is spot on:

 You can systematize innovation, and you can systematize pretty much anything in a fast growing company. All you have to do is have a scale model of it. You can systematize strategy; you can systematize hiring; you can systemize product development. At various stages, we improved each of those.

We have a knack for building scale models of systems, their subsystems, and their components. And we are nerdily passionate about improving and automating them. Our methodology has not only worked with our own projects, but is also proven with our clients.

 It has been awesome so far working with TightOps on SaaS process automation for StoreMapper.
Tyler Tringas, Founder of StoreMapper.co

Read the case study, Automating a Business.

Reclaim Time, Energy and Focus

Free up more time. Leverage your existing expertise and drastically reduce the need to manageme daily operations. Knowledge work means, your time ought to be spent creatively developing the business and maximising on market opportunities.

As a business owner, if you feel like you’re too involved in minor requests and tasks, your vision is getting cluttered. You have a hard time, or little chance at all, of getting into a space of mind which allows you to engage in deep, strategic thinking. You are being kept from making important decisions and executing on the high-leverage and high-value work only you can do.

As a team member, when work lacks streamlined and reliable processes, you are caught in busy work, have to watch out for exceptions and things breaking, just so you can jump in and fix things. What you need instead is peace of mind: processes which you can trust, workflows which are well designed, tight and deliver reliably.

Streamline, Automate, Document

Our approach always starts with streamlining. Only well-designed and thoroughly tested process should be moved on to being automated, whenever possible. Then, to capture that knowledge and make it an organizational asset, clear documentation is needed.

Built to Scale, Built to Sell

Your business processes are an asset, for the present and for the future.

Right now, better processes make your daily work life easier and more efficient. With processes a business can grow and its operations can scale.

In the future, your processes are going to allow you to step back and sell your business because it is the processes you built that make your business to be built to sell.

Implement This in Your Business

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