Learn to

  • Automate tasks and amplify your professional capabilities
  • Leverage AI for enhanced decision-making and creativity
  • Future-proof your career with practical AI integration skills

Who Needs This

You do. If you're:

  • A knowledge worker. Feeling the pressure. Needing an edge.
  • An entrepreneur. Seeing opportunities. Wanting to seize them.
  • A creative. Facing deadlines. Seeking inspiration.

If you're still using yesterday's tools for tomorrow's challenges, wake up. This is your call.

 Liftoff didn't just teach me about using AI.
It changed how I see leverage in my work.
- An executive who took the leap

Untapped Potential

You feel it. The potential. It's there, just out of reach.

The world of work is changing, evolving faster than ever. Artificial Intelligence isn't coming—it's here. You know you need to adapt, but you're not sure how.

Here’s your access point to AI as a powerful collaborator.

The Opportunity

Generative AI is here, evolving rapidly. It's reshaping the professional landscape, unprecedented opportunities to augment your skillset and reach.

Liftoff is your solution. Your launch pad. Your gateway to this exciting world of new possibilities.

With Liftoff, you will get leverage. Delegating the grunt work. Saving time. Regaining control. Focusing on where you’re irreplaceable.

We will assemble your team:

  • Personal assistant: Plans your day. Manages your projects.
  • Thought partner: Sharpens your decisions. Challenges your thinking.
  • Coach: Pushes you further. Keeps you accountable.
  • Consultant: Offers expertise. On demand.
  • Research assistant: Digs deep. Finds what you need.
  • Creative spark: Ignites ideas. Breaks through blocks.
  • Editor: Polishes your work. Makes you look good.

Now, let’s get them to work. You’re providing directions.

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Liftoff image, a rocket with flames leaving earth
Rocket liftoff – source: unsplash.com

The Course Package

Six modules. Building blocks to your new way of working.

  1. The Tools: Your setup for an excellent start
  2. Launch Pad: Zero to hero in less than 60 minutes
  3. Precision Prompting: Instructions that get results
  4. Use Cases: Expanding your horizons
  5. Integration: Making AI your silent partner
  6. Jetpack X Extras: A glimpse beyond the horizon

Plus, access to

  • Our think tank. A private community.
  • Regular office hours.
  • Use case workshops.

Ideas flowing. Solutions emerging.

Liftoff course module preview Timeblocking with ChatGPT
Module preview: Timeblocking with ChatGPT – productivity use case

The Investment

$99 USD1. One-time payment. No hidden fees.

Simple math: If this course doesn't give you a $2,000 return in value, you get every cent back. Guaranteed.

The Decision

You've got two options:

  1. Keep struggling with outdated methods
  2. Equip yourself for what's coming

Smart money's on option two.

Enroll Now and let's launch your potential.

Your Guide

I'm Nico Appel. Since 2021, I've been upgrading teams and executives. Making them efficient. Less stressed. More capable.

I'm not here to theorize. I'm here to show you what genAI can do. Today. In ways that matter to you personally–and to everything you touch.

This isn't about the future. It's about right now.

Your work. Your skills. Your edge.

Nico Appel portrait


  • Prerequisites? Just curiosity and a willingness to learn.
  • Which AI tools? ChatGPT for a start. Claude/Gemini are options too.
  • Access? Lifetime. Always there when you need it.
  • Refund policy? 30 days. No questions asked. We're that confident.
  • Equipment needed? A computer and internet. We'll handle the rest.
  • Time investment? A few hours to change your trajectory. Good odds.
  • Is it possible…? The answer is always yes.
  • Support? Yes, direct access to me. No support staff. Access to the principal.

The world's changing. You can have a say, or watch from the sidelines.

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1 Introductory price. Regular price $200 USD.