TightOps Business Upgrade

Is this you and your business?

  • The urgent stuff keeps you busy, and you can’t get around to the important task.
  • You are overwhelmed with incoming requests and issues that require your attention or decision.
  • Your staff is working but doesn’t get things done unless you jump in.
  • It’s simply hard to delegate.
  • Postponing deadlines is common, delivering on time rare.
  • You’re the bottleneck of your organization.

If this reflects your situation, then let me congratulate first: You have gone beyond your limit and capacity to get make your business successful. That’s certainly an achievement and earns you respect.

Now, while there are opportunities to grow and develop your business, you can’t keep up with demand and, so far, weren’t able to transfer your expertise and know-how into a reliable system. A machine that works for you, not a business that keeps you busy. You hired staff and paid for tools but your workload and responsibilities don’t seem to decrease.

We can fix this, guaranteed.

The TightOps Business Upgrade makes

  • your organization and you more efficient,
  • trains your staff,
  • implements a reliable system of processes and work procedures,
  • removes you from daily operations,
  • automates your business.

How does the Business Upgrade work?

This is the complete TightOps training and coaching program, customized to your individual needs and goals that we identify in our assesssment.

This program is delivered via live calls/conferences and video tutorials. We also provide additional resources, such as written reference guides, templates, and specific work procedures.

The program includes the full Team Productivity Upgrade. Additionally, the focus of the Business Upgrade is on processes and business automation. It is tailored to drastically reduce your involvement in daily operations and busy work and enable you to grow and develop your business instead.

What would it mean to you to get your time back, have more energy, and be able to focus on what’s important again?

That’s what we’ll be working on.

Our Process

  1. Develop a custom-tailored plan considering your goals and resources.
  2. Document and automate business processes.
  3. Assign and distribute tasks and responsibilities (accountability).
  4. Set up and train your team in reliable task and project management.
  5. Structure and upgrade internal communication for effectiveness.
  6. Establish reporting and notification procedures.
  7. Implement self-improving structures in the system.
3 months
$8,000 per month